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Hall of Honor

about the athletics hall of honor

The “Blue Line” has long represented the thousands of outstanding women and men who have been a part of the tremendous progress and success in our schools, community, and athletic culture since 1939. Everyone who has instructed, served, competed, or lived in our great community is part of the Blue Line. In 2002, Friendswood ISD, with the help of many outstanding alumni, instituted the Hall of Honor to reflect on some of the most outstanding accomplishments of both teams and individuals in the Blue Line. The Hall of Honor showcases a unique group of talented athletes, coaches, supporters, and contributors to Friendswood Athletics and recognizes their outstanding accomplishments and careers, not only as student-athletes, but also as community members who continue to be great leaders and respectful citizens. This is our story. 

As we slowly archive our history, we would love for families to contribute pictures or videos of our inductees.  Please send them to Daron Scott as we expand the great history of Friendswood Athletics.  Email: