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*All English class choices require a teacher’s signature for approval.

Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide (Spanish APG) for complete information.


Faculty 2022-2023

• Chelsea AgeeMAP English 2 & Dual Credit English 4
• Jennifer BarmoreEnglish 4
Joseph Brownfield -English/Journalism
• Adam Brown, English 2, AP English 3
• Cherie CorreaDual Credit English 3 and Dual Credit English 4
• Jenna CrossonEnglish 3 & 4
• Peni GreenEnglish 2
Aly KingMAP English I and English II
Tracy Krebs, English I
• Lindsey LeeEnglish 2
• Lauren MaloneMAP English 2, English iCoach
• Kellye NyeEnglish Specialist/Team Leader
Bryan PetersonEnglish II and English III
• Kevin ReedMAP English 1
• Shayna SauersEnglish 1
• Renae SimonsAP English 4, Academic Decathlon
• Susanne StaffordAP English 3 and Dual Credit English 3
• Melissa StephensonEnglish 1 & 3
• Deidre Stevens, English 1, PreAP English 2
Monika WhitsettEnglish 3
• Pete WiseMAP English 1, Annual/Yearbook

National English Honor Society


The National English Honor Society (NEHS) is the only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Immediate benefits of affiliation will be national recognition, scholarship eligibility, and opportunities for national networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishment in, the language arts.
Sponsor: Kellye Nye