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Kathy Powdrell
Theatre Director

Amy Thornton
Assistant Director

Theatre Phone: (281) 996-6516

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Friendswood High School Thespians and Drama Club
Meet every Wednesday in the Studio Theatre room 214 at 3:55 – 4:10.

Thespian Troupe 1084 - ITO Officers - 2021 – 2022

Senior, Balint Kidd, President,
Senior, Luke Johnstone Treasurer,
Senior, Colby Clayton, Scribe,
Senior, Justin Paulder, Secretary,
Secretary and Drama Club President - Senior, Maris Morgan

Social Officers
Drama Club –Senior, Maris Morgan
Troupe Stage Managers – Senior, Taylor Mitchell and Junior, Mars Raska
Sgt. at Arms – Senior, Coy White

The May 18 Election was held on Wednesday. Members and theatre students used a QR code to vote.

Balint Kidd presented a ballot that was presented to the sponsor by the ITO nominating tea; of
ITO:  Balint Kidd, President, Luke Johnstone Treasurer, Colby Clayton, Scribe, Justin Paulder, Secretary and Drama Club President - Maris Morgan.  (all Seniors)

This nominating committee listed to all candidate in interview and used the State Thespian Rubric for Officer elections.  They presented the slate. Balint Kidd prepared the Ballot. Shared the ownership with Mrs. Thornton.  They will announce the officers as voted on by 54 members on: May 20th, 2022.


ac*tor: noun. 1. see ham. 2. one who acts. 3. one who creates illusion in order to reveal reality. 4. a person who makes faces for a living. 5. you can tell an actor by the glazed look that comes into their eyes when the conversation wanders away from themselves. 6. once a trouper……always a trouper.

The Friendswood High School Drama Club is an organization designed for those students who truly wish to contribute to educational theatre. Throughout the year the Drama Club assists FHS productions in many ways, from performance to ticket sales, from technical to concessions. Friendswood High School Drama Club dues are $10 annually. This money is used to purchase refreshments , help sponsor a picnic and supply door prizes throughout the year. A membership form can be obtained from the Drama Office. Drama Club meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:45 am and 3:45 pm.

Sponsor: Kathy Powdrell


Thespian officers' duties

thes’pi-en: noun. [after Thespis, Greek poet of the 6th c. B.C.], an actor, esp, a tragedian: humorous or pretentious usage.

Thespian Membership and Pledging costs $26. This is a National Organizational Fee. If you pledge or are a Thespian you do not have to pay the $10 drama club fee.
Since it’s founding in 1929, the International Thespian Society has worked to promote and strengthen theatre arts programs in education.

The International Thespian Society concentrates primarily on providing services for high school and middle school students and their teachers. Just as the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and your membership is by the school year only. Each new year the membership must be renewed. As a Senior Thespain, a thespian is entitled to wear the Thespian Honor Cord at Graduation. Membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts that meets I.T.S. general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work. The troupe secretary/scribe is responsible for maintaining these records. When the required number of points has been earned, the Pledge may join the troupe at the end of that academic school year. No hazing of student candidates is permitted. Initiation/induction ceremonies take place before the annual Drama Banquet in May. Students must maintain satisfactory standards of membership. Student’s must complete point sheets and re-earn service points annually. The local troupe must abide by all rules and regulations declared by the I.T.S. governing board.

As a pledge, you will have opportunities to complete the following:

* To become a Thespian, a student must earn fifty points; this must be comprised of ten or more crew points as well as ten or more service points.
* Acting points are not mandatory, however, equal valid crew points must be earned.
* Participation should be in at least two separate categories such as: business and tech or acting and business.
* Students may earn no more and up to five miscellaneous points toward membership in the high school. Former junior high Thespians may use their junior high membership to apply the five miscellaneous points. Other ways to apply the five points in this category are to attend a play off campus or to participate in a class or a contest.
* Thespian membership will be awarded on a democratic basis to all students who qualify. No student can be elected into the troupe and no student can be denied memberhsip if he or she has fulfilled all membership requirements with MERIT.
* A student member must maintain satisfactory standards of membership as set forth by th I.T.S. (International Thespian Society) governing board, local officers and the troupe sponsor.
* A student may be suspended or expelled from the troupe by the sponsor. A Suspended student may not participate in the activities of any Thespian Troupe nor attend Thespian conferences during the period of his or her suspension. However, neither the term of the student’s subscription to Dramatics magazine nor the student’s paid membership status will be affected. Examples of events that may constitute a review of suspendible conduct: 1. Smoking on campus, during a rehearsal or a theatre sponsored trip. 2. Backstage stealing. 3. Insubordination 4. Any severe punishment, zero tolerance item as outlined by FHS Mustang Manual, that directly impacts the troupe, a trip or a performance.
* Exceptinal members: When a Thespian has earned membership, further recognition for their outstanding work in theatre arts may be indicated by awarding stars for each additional ten points (or 100 hours) earned. Star ratings should be designated on the student’s membership certificate under “thespian stars earned”. When a Thespian has earned the maximum of four stars and an additional ten points (a grand total of 60 points) or 600 hours, he or she is eligible for an honor bar and honor seal on their diploma if they are a member in active status as the graduate.
* All Friendswood High School Thespians receive a Thespian Seal on their FHS Diploma. Honor Thespians receive a Thespian seal and an Honor Thespian seal.
* Thespian stars, honor bars, corresponding Thespian jewelry items and Honor Thespian certificates are available from the I.T.S. catalog.
* Transfer students: A Thespian moving from another affiliated school is entitled to transfer membership by having the new sponsor verify the membership with the I.T.S. home office. A new membership card and certificate may be secured at that time.
* Pledges must pay Thespian Fees and that fee will be applied to that student’s membership if they become a Thespian that year. The purpose of this is to have only the sincere candidates apply for membership.

PLEDGE STARS: Pledge Stars are chosen each week to highlight drama club members who have pledged to work to become thespians this year. We spotlight them for their hard work and dedication. On Wednesday mornings the officers surprise them in first period with a Pledge Star button and ribbons that the student wars all day. We introduce them at our weekly meeting and they tell us a little about themselves.