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Social Studies


Please refer to the Academic Planning Guide (Spanish APG) for complete information.

FACULTY 2023-2024

Shawn Best, US History
• Robert BlankenshipWorld History & US History
Trey Brittenum, MAP World Geography
• David CookEconomics
Clint CopelandWorld Geography
• Katie EllisAP Human Geography, iCoach
• Brannon JacksonWorld History
Mitchell Marquis, U.S. Government
Sarina Martinez, World Geography
• Ray MonahanAP European History, AP World History
Aaron Robinson, Economics and World History
• Nathan RoherAP World History
• Jennifer SicuroTeam Leader, AP Macroeconomics & AP U.S. History
Bonniebeth Smith - AP US History
• Corey TrumanU.S. History
• Elizabeth WoodleyU.S. Government, AP Government