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Academic Decathlon & Octathlon

The Academic Decathlon is a Language Arts elective course that receives one credit and counts as an AP course for grade points earned.
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Academic Decathlon Teams 2020-2021

Alternates: Luke Lipetska, Emily Thomas,
Gerald Musyimi, Jude Peters, Joel Sanchez

Adam Brown
Ray Monahan
Renae Simons
Elizabeth Woodley

Megna Panchbhavi
Adam Boehnke
Daniel Chen

Emily Chapman
Morgan Creel
Jude Kehres

Banks Brashier
Brodie Lynch
Noelani Tanita

About Us

Academic Octathlon


Freshman and sophomore high school students interested in the decathlon program can compete in the Academic Octathlon. Like the Pentathlon. involving middle school (sixth, seventh and eighth grade) students, the Octathlon is patterned after the Decathlon program, except with fewer events. Octathletes compete in eight categories including Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Essay. As with the other programs, the final event is a “Super Quiz”.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for individual events and total scores. Winning teams advance through the local, regional, and state levels of competition.


The Academic Octhalon is not unlike athletic competition in that it demands dedication and commitment and promotes wholesome competition. The Academic Octathlon, an eight-event scholastic competition for high school teams throughout the state, promotes a new type of campus hero.

With teams composed of a combination of A, B and C students in grades 9-10, this non-elitist program is designed to send a message to all students that perseverance, study and teamwork can bring personal rewards. While stimulating the same sense of school spirit and pride that athletic teams accomplish, the Academic Octathlon team also provides strong, positive role models for other students on campus.

COACHESAdam Brown and Katie Ellis